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A documentation centre is functioning at the administrative office of Gramalaya at Thillai Nagar situated at the heart of Tiruchirappalli City. The documentation centre is equipped with books, periodicals, magazines and resource books in various themes such as water, sanitation, community development, micro-credit and appropriate technology. The centre is provided with wifi internet connectivity, computers, printers, photocopier, audio-visual aids and video films, compact discs on different subjects for conducting small group meetings and training programs. Research scholars and project personnel from other NGOs and INGOs are utilising these facilities. Further efforts are taken for strengthening the documentation centre.

With the grant assistance from WaterAid, UK, WaterPartners International, USA and CAPART, New Delhi, Gramalaya has published training manuals, posters and pamphlets on health, hygiene and sanitation. In collaboration with WaterAid India office, MUNNETRAM (DEVELOPMENT), a bi-monthly newsletter is distributed for the interest of community based organisations such as women self-help groups, NGOs and PRIs.

Profile of S.Damodaran

Gramalaya was established in the year 1987 by S.Damodaran and his team. For detailed Profile of S.Damodaran.

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Hygiene songs
Songs writtern by
S. Damodaran
Founder and Director